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About us

We are a Turrent & Cameron company with 20 years of experience, creating solutions according to the needs of each of our clients. We have compiled all our experience and created a fabulous tool, easy to parameterize, make changes, integrate with other software, interact with mobile devices and generate high availability of your company’s information for decision making. With presence in several countries, we approach you in a personal way in order to offer solutions considering your needs at a low cost so that you can be operating and consulting information in a matter of days.

What is Blaxhe?


Blaxhe restaurants is your perfect solution to have complete control of your restaurant, point of sale, orders, billing and much more.

For all

Blaxhe can adapt to any type of business, regardless of your business or the country where you work.


Blaxhe stores is the complete solution for your store. Take control of your inventory, warehouses, sales, billing and much more.

Drug stores

Blaxhe drug store is the complete solution for your pharmacy or pharmacy chains, it controls the expiration of drugs, reward points and much more.


Blaxhe factories is the perfect solution for your factory, control production, warehouses, shipping logistics and much more.


Blaxhe transport is the perfect solution to carry out the control and logistics of all the shipments of your business.

We automate your manual procedures, calculations and controls for the benefit of business performance and controls.


Avoid theft or loss of information. Our safety measures ensure continuous operation without risk.


Operate the software on any mobile device connected to the internet.

Very fast

Perform any operation with just a few clicks.

Easy reports

Generate reports quickly and easily.


Organizes everything with a small click.


We love data and provide monthly reporting on visibility, analytics, conversions & revenue.


Technical support online through our website.

Control all

Controls everything and minimizes the problems.


Have control of the company.

Mobile sales

Capture sales online with smartphones or tablet.


Take inventory with smartphone or tablet.

Customer's purchases

Let your customer place purchases orders online.
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Blaxhe is amazing
  • Blaxhe meets your challenges both in terms of the assurance you require and optimization of controls for business performance and delivers our capabilities through blaxhe.deserve to be there.
  • We review the system implementation from the compliance standpoint (Accounting, tax and legal requirements).
  • We perform a functional analysis against blueprint assumptions.
  • We help to integrate financial and business controls to drive opportunities for improvement and cost savings.
  • We help to identify areas where manual procedures and controls can be automated for the benefit of business performance and controls.
  • We health check the parameters relating to security and segregation of duties.
  • We assist in optimizing your management information reporting in the ERP system.
  • We evaluate the relevant project, business controls and data risks to provide management with comfort that they will accomplish their desired outcomes.
Your questions? We got answers!
How did you ensure that your ERP implementation meets all the regulatory requirements and is in line with the business assumptions?
Are you confident that your ERP project will achieve the desired control and business objectives?
Is your management information reporting effectively supported by the ERP system and optimized?
Have automated your manual procedures, calculations and controls for the benefit of business performance and controls? Have these been properly configured to mitigate financial and operational risk?
How did you assess system security, access to sensitive data and segregation of duties?
Can you control and view all the segregation of the complete duties you have?

Blaxhe ERP

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